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gps vehicle tracker.Introduction and Installation of Vehicle GPS Positioner

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????Nowadays, many car owners have installed various anti-theft devices in their cars, but they are not very familiar with the installation location of car GPS locators with good anti-theft effects. Currently, the volume of locators on the market is much smaller than similar products in the past, generally only the size of cigarette boxes. If only basic positioning functions are installed, there are many places to choose to install. If more anti-theft functions are needed, the selection of installation locations is rare and also quite troublesome. Most of them need to be wired. Therefore, car owners face a choice: to choose a location with more complete anti-theft functions, but it is easy for people to find and remove them, or to choose to install them in a hidden place inside the car. Otherwise, car thieves will know and increase the time to find locators, in order to prevent or search for them in a timely manner. Buy valuable time by returning to the vehicle

????Is GPS locator useful in the basement

????Is GPS locator useful in the basement? This is generally useless because stars cannot be found.

????The work of GPS positioning requires the cooperation of the network for positioning. In high altitude and hidden indoor and underground areas, the satellite will be blocked, making it unable to search for stars and locate normally. At the same time, the network in the basement is stable, and the software platform cannot be updated in a timely manner after GPS positioning, resulting in loss.

????Some companies claim that they can still use base station positioning in the basement; The general principle is that mobile phones measure the downlink pilot signals of different base stations to obtain the TOA (Time of Arrival) or TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) of the downlink pilots of different base stations. Based on this measurement result and combined with the coordinates of the base station, a triangular formula estimation algorithm is generally used to calculate the position of the mobile phone. The actual location estimation algorithm needs to consider the situation of multiple base stations (3 or more) positioning, so the algorithm is much more complex. Generally speaking, the more base stations a mobile station measures, the higher the measurement accuracy, and the more significant the improvement in positioning performance.

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