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The significance of GPS positioning technology in the construction machinery industry.GPS Rastreader wholesaler

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????G500L -4G OBD GPS Tracker

????The application of GPS positioning technology based on security is becoming more and more common. In the construction machinery industry, GPS applications were first applied to large excavators because its cost cost is high. But to now, GPS technology has become more and more mature and widespread, and more and more engineering equipment has also joined the ranks of GPS devices.

????The following phenomenon is prone to engineering equipment:

????1. I don't know where the vehicle is, where to work in the past, and whether it is standardized;

????2. Drivers have been idling, and it is difficult for enterprises to detect and reduce the efficiency of enterprise.

????3. The maintenance of engineering equipment is not timely, some components are aging, and fuel consumption is increased.

????4. The cost of engineering equipment is very high, such as stolen losses.

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